Cultural Attractions

Kasubi Royal Tombs


Perfectly suited on Kasubi Hill within Kampala, Kasubi Tombs site is an active religious place in the Buganda kingdom. Its burial grounds for four former Kabakas (kings of Buganda) and place where the Kabaka and his representatives frequently carry out important rituals related to Ganda culture. It is also recognized worldly as a world heritage site as declared by United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The heritage of this traditional site date back to 1882 when Kabaka Mutesa relocated his palace to Nabulagala hill just like his predecessor Kabaka Suuna II and upon his settlement, he renamed the hill Kasubi in memory of his birth place which is located at about 50km east of this site. A gigantic palace was constructed on top of a hill and the big house was named Muziba Azala Mpanga in which he stayed until his death in 1884 following long illness.

Decorated in traditional architecture, the round grass-thatched dome contains the tombs and power symbols of Kings. The dome finishing is symbolic of power as revealed by insignia such as ancient drums, bark cloth, spears, shields and knives. Also found here include huge traditional reed and bark cloth building of the Kabakas kings of the Buganda people.

Pay visit to the tombs that are of great importance to the Buganda kingdom, the huge thatched-roof palace of the Unesco World Heritage–listed Kasubi Tombs was tragically destroyed in an arson attack in March 2010. Fortunately construction is in its final stages. You will learn more about Buganda culture and history at the site.

The Royal Mile (Lubiri Palace and BulangeParliament)

Lubiri Palace and BulangeParliament

At the other end of a ceremonial Royal drive leading from parliament on Buganda Kingdom, Lubiri Palace was built in 1922 .The building was duly converted to army barracks, while an adjacent site became a notorious underground prison and torture-execution chamber built by Idi Amin in the 1970s. Guides will lead you to this terrifying site, a dark concrete tunnel with numerous dark, damp cells separated by an electrified passage of water to prevent escape. At the gate of this palace is a traditional fire source that has never burnt out since the inception of the Buganda monarchy/Kingdom and shall never stop burning least a king is dead. Here is a representation of all Baganda Clans and their respective role in this Kingdom since time immemorial as narrated by a royalist at this fire source. A mail away but directly positioned gate to gate is the Bulange- a parliament in which the Kabaka and his ministers have since old days sat to deliberate upon issues concerning Buganda Kingdom. The architectural design of this building has proven a spectacular Uganda tour site to many local and international visitors. Walk the mile as you learn about Buganda cultural norms and the city of Kampala

Owino Market


Sprawling around Nakivubo Stadium, Owino has everything from traditional medicines to televisions. It’s most famous for its second-hand clothing, but you can also buy some material and let one of the army of tailors sews you something new.

Part of the old taxi park in central Kampala. A ‘dirty mental chaos’ is probably the best words to describe Owino and the taxi park! It’s the kind of place you might go in to with 5 friends and come out alone and inexplicably missing your left shoe…Nevertheless it is definitely an experience worth having just to appreciate the hecticness of everyday life and get a contrast to Kololo’s manicured lawns. The market sells nearly anything you can think of, but the best buys for foreigners are on the African print fabrics sold here by length, and the wide range of second-hand clothes and shoes, including many designer labels – I’ve got a great Ralph Lauren jumper from there…! There is also quite an interesting Voodoo market, selling all sorts of wierd and wonderful things if you can manage to negotiate the maze and find it! As always make sure to haggle and keep your personal belongings close and don’t wear any obvious jewelry or big handbags.

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